We’re only at our best when we’re living fully rounded, fully rested, fully authentic lives too.

One of the gorgeous ways to explore this is in conversation and collaboration.  We are hard wired for connection and disrupting a well entrenched cultural norm of over-working, hustle and individualism is not work to be done in isolation.  I'm always thrilled when other folk doing fantastic work in the world reach out and invite me to hop on their stuff too.

Pull up a comfy chair.  Pour yourself a drink.  Settle in and dip into these conversations and collaborations


The fantastic feminist life coach and writer Jen Pavich has a podcast The Unquiet Sisterhood, and I was thrilled when she invited me to be a guest.  In this episode we talk all things leadership, neurodiversity and doing things differently.

  You can listen in to our juicy conversation here:


It was an absolute delight to be invited to guest spot and co-host an episode of Tools For Living Your Life this Summer.


I  join host, fellow coach and Master Practitioner in NLP Jaffer Ali Hussain and we talk about life, leadership and a neuro-linguistic programming approach to how we process and make sense of the world differently.