If you are hiding who you are, paddling like billy-o under the water, burning the midnight oil, wearing industrial strength armour, yet still feeling overwhelmed and juggling imposter syndrome - that's not success, that's being duped by the system.

Being in touch with our emotions and energy, quietness, gentleness, quirkiness, difference and neuro-divergence - these are often seen as weaknesses rather than assets in the workplace. 



Those of us who naturally operate in this way can internalise the message early on in our working life that we need to change in order to be successful.




The qualities that are our strength are not seen in the leadership models around us.  No wonder that we camouflage, mask, paddle like billy-o, over work and still feel like we are imposters in our leadership roles, waiting to be found out. 



It’s time to disrupt the old ideas of ‘leadership’ and be part of creating something more equitable, nourishing - and human.

Here's what I know. The world needs you to show up fully as you. We’re only at our best as leaders when we’re living fully rounded, fully rested, fully authentic lives too.

That's what I can help you with. 



I'm Sarah Bishop and I’m a leadership coach and mentor who specializes in helping leaders step out of martyrdom and into an empowered, courageous, and altogether more rounded way to lead. 












I help women like you find ways to become comfortable in your skin so you can show up fully and with vulnerability. 


So you stop leaking energy by trying to fit in that uncomfortable box and start instead creating glorious and sacred space to step into who you truly are.

And when you can do that you get out of operating from fight or flight mode and that creates freedom for you to  become the nourished, whole and courageous leaders you are meant to be.



Because it’s 100% possible to be a nourished, whole, courageous leader in the role you’re in now.

Because it's 100% reasonable to want to live a full, rounded and courageous life outside of the job

So if you're not quite ready to run off and join the circus, reinvent your life or retrain for a completely different profession, it’s time to make a decision. 


If you’re ready to make a change, let’s have a chat to see how I can help you.

We need to share our collective stories, experiences and wisdom

If you'd like to listen in to the deep and juicy conversation I had over a virtual cup of tea with the fabulous Jen Pavich on her podcast The Unquiet Sisterhood you can listen in here

In that conversation I talk about life as a tick a bit differently and highly sensitive female leader, the importance of showing up fully and the challenges of leadership in a patriarchal society.

Let's change the narrative of what leadership needs to be. Showing up honestly, fully and imperfectly with each other and having these real conversations is the perfect antidote to the patriarchy, feminine conditioning, perfectionism, and martyrdom.  

Courage calls to courage.

We assimilate almost by cultural osmosis the simple choice, if we want to join in the career game and have any success, we need to change fundamentally who we are and how we work in this world.

Ready?  Fantastic!

Click on this button and you’ll be taken to straight to my calendar to book a time for a quick chat – this is just to see if you’re a good fit for the program and to answer any final questions you might have.


There's no commitment or expectation that clicking the button commits you to anything other than making sure this is a great move for you. 

We are thinking about success at work back to front and upside down

A Call To Courage


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