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Leaning Into Resilience.

A DIY instant download course.

Understanding, growing and maintaining our courage and resilience, so that we get to stay effective at work, get out of stress, live beyond the job and stay well even in unfamiliar and uncertain times.

And we need that right now....

Resilience is the ability to cope well with pressure, to keep going even when things get tough, and to learn from mistakes and setbacks.  Resilience isn't something we’re born with, it's a  set of skills, approaches and practices that we can learn and develop.  With the right tools, techniques and mindset we can learn to thrive under pressure. We know that people with high levels of resilience put regular and consistent attention to maintaining these levels in ways that work for them. 

Being able to discover and lean into our courage and resilience are some of the core sets of skills needed to live, lead and thrive in the modern world. In these times of uncertainty, where we are navigating an ever changing landscape, paying exquisite attention to these areas is needed more than ever so that we can get unstuck from anxiety and feeling frazzled, stay effective and more resourceful, and lead ourselves and others from a place of calm.

We were never designed to stay in fight or flight mode for any length of time.  Yet the water we swim in puts us there. If left unchecked it can lead to illness, burnout and overwhelm.  What we need instead is a set of processes, approaches and options to counter-act stress and allow us to be at our best for more of the time.


Just pushing through is a temporary measure, it is not a sustainable long term strategy.  When we try and do it long term our body keeps the score and it leaks out in illness.  The just do it and carry on, over any prolonged period, results in our patience and emotional bandwidth shrinking and our relationship with the people we care takes the hit.

This instant download DIY course was created to give an overview and way of exploring and leaning into both short term in the moment strategies, as well as longer term approaches so that we can develop a rich depth of self awareness, clarity, courage and resilience.

The particulars and the logistics


  •  A 25 page work book and guide for you to dip into, return to and work through at your own pace.

  • 4 online and pre-recorded sessions in 30 -40 minute chunks covering the 4 part model of resiliency 

  • The models and approaches are drawn and blended from leadership, neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and resiliency.

  • Options to add on 1:1 bespoke coaching

This DIY instant download course will support you so that you can:

  • Map out your own resiliency at any point so that you can take effective and early action in the right area to maintain your levels.

  • Have ways to manage your state so that you can manage stress, cultivate calm, connect with courage and maintain confidence even under pressure.
  • Understand some of the ways we are hard wired to scan for threat so that you can work with your systems not against them.
  • Have short term in the moment strategies for staying resilient and courageous as well as developing a longer term practice.

Doing things differently.

 For a limited period instead of a purchase price for the course I am exchanging access to it for a donation to your local food bank.   A donation of either money or food on a pay what you can basis.

You do the donation directly, on the presupposition that we are adults with agency and integrity, when you request access to the course I will trust that you are upholding your part of that exchange. Let's do things differently.

When you get the course I'd very much value your feedback on what you found useful and how it helps you.

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