A Call To Courage


Some frequently asked questions

1. How do I know if I'm a good fit for this program?

If you like what I'm talking about, it's a fair indicator that you're a good fit. 

The best way to know is to book a chat to check in and see if working together feels a good fit for you.  There's no commitment or expectation from that.  The idea is to answer any questions you might have and to give you a chance to make sure this is a great move for you.

If it's not,  we've both enjoyed space for conversation and connection, and in this world that in itself can be a beautiful thing.  If it is, great - we'll set up working together.

2.  Is the program for women only?

My experience is as a female leader in our patriarchal culture. One of the things that I'm clear on is the patriarchy is not men, it's a system.  It's the water we swim in and we absorb messages, meaning women as much as men are often unwittingly the enforcers of the status quo.


Working with me on this program is more about the right fit.  If what I'm talking about really resonates, if you're ready for a rethink on leadership, one that dismantles the need to martyr ourselves and acknowledges that we only do our best work when we are able to live fully rounded, authentic lives then hop on a chat.  That's free with no expectation or commitment. Just the chance to check out if this is a good fit and a great move for you.

3.  Why 6 months? 

 We're bombarded with messages about short cuts, hacks and quick fixes.  Immediate outcomes.  This program says no thanks to that.  Instead we slow down,  creating nourishing space, doing deep and juicy inner work, exploring, honouring, creating.


This 6 month program not only gives you the ongoing, individual support and encouragement to make the mental, cognitive and internal adjustments necessary to start living and leading in a way that works better for you, it means you can embed tools, perspectives and new practices so that you can make a lasting change to your relationship with leadership, work and your place in it. 


4.  What's the investment?

Your investment  = 6 monthly payments of £400 or 1 payment of £2400 

5. What happens between our twice monthly Zoom calls?


There are takeaways and resources for you each month based on what has come up in our calls. These are individually tailored to you.   The takeaways and resources are to help you explore new perspectives or patterns, create insight or embed some of the work we have done.  Our calls are also recorded so you can refer back to them.  They are only shared with you.

6.  What kind of results can I expect?

There's no factory blueprint or one size fits all,  this is bespoke, nurturing and deep juicy work and the results and changes you can expect are individual to you, and to the part you play in this. 


What I know is that when we do the inner work, our experience of what is going on for us in the outside world also shifts in unexpected and positive ways.  That's when the alchemy of true transformation happens.


Some of the results of doing this inner work mean you are likely to:

  • Get clearer on what you want to say no to and where to wholeheartedly put your yeses. 

  • Set decent boundaries ( so you can say no when you need to)

  • Become  more comfortable in your own skin so you can show up fully, getting out of your own way.

  • Rekindle the fire in your belly, feeling less fraught and having more energy.

  • Let go of perfectionism, over-thinking and over-working so that you feel more at ease more of the time.

  • Have less days where you know you are not coping and more days where you feel you make a difference in the world without the need for martyrdom.

  • Live a well rounded and courageous life both inside and outside of work.


None of us need rescuing.  You can be your own fairy godmother in this story. 

Because it’s 100% possible to be a nourished, whole, courageous leader in the role you’re in now.

Because it's 100% reasonable to want to live a full, rounded and courageous life outside of the job.

Ready?  Fantastic!

Click on this button and you’ll be taken to straight to my calendar to book a time for a quick chat – this is just to see if you’re a good fit for the program and to answer any final questions you might have.


There's no commitment or expectation that clicking the button commits you to anything other than making sure this is a great move for you. 

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