Notes From The Owlery

A gently paced, seasonally spaced newsletter to help quiet revolutionaries dig deep into the courage of their leadership.

A gently paced newsletter, to help nourish and support ourselves so that we can show up fully, and live full, rounded and authentic lives.

Now more than ever we see the result globally of patriarchal leadership that is out of balance, divisive, damaging and all consuming. 

Leaders that do bluster, hardness, noise and hustle.  Win at all costs. 

This is the time to dig deep into our courage and speak our truth.  To add our voices to a narrative that desperately needs a plot twist. To know that we are souls in community, a collective of kindred spirits. 

We were once stewards of the land and the wise women of our communities bringing clarity, truth, courage and balance.

The Earth is crying out for us to listen, to get back in touch with our soul wisdom, to remember we are not separate to nature, we are part of it.  We need to be brave enough to remember that we are not the work we do and to let the wild edges in.

Our communities are in need of wise, empathetic, balanced leadership.  Service before power.  Healing above hustle.  Leaders who know they do their best work when they are living fully rounded, authentic lives too.

This is the time for quiet revolutionaries and a call to courage.





In my newsletter, Notes From The Owlery, I am drumming to the beat of ancient wisdom, a call to courage for us to:


Deeply reconnect with our truth, our courage, our wisdom and our purpose.


Remember and retrace the paths our ancestors walked and to listen to the calling in our souls.

Express our bone deep truth so that we get our life force, our fire and our stories back.


Align more with the ebb and flow of the seasons so that we swap burnout for peace.

Establish and honour our boundaries so that we stay grounded with strong roots.

Within the newsletter you'll find tips, insights, stories and musings that blend ancient wisdom, modern know-how and leadership. 


All designed to help you swap superficial self care quick fixes with a deep well of calm and clarity that we can tend and draw on to sustain us through rocky times.

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The newsletter will land in your inbox roughly every 6-8 weeks following the shifts of the season, with no hard sell or hustle.

The post is deliberately slow paced and gently spaced. 


At any point if you decide it’s not for you, there is the option to unsubscribe. 

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