A Call To Courage


We need a rethink of leadership - one that dismantles the need to martyr ourselves, acknowledging we’re only at our best as leaders when we’re living fully rounded, fully rested, fully authentic lives too.

I'm a current senior leader in education - I've been a leader across five different settings and my career spans over twenty years.


As a female who ticks a bit differently and does introvert and neuro-diversity,  that's over twenty years to explore ways to do leadership that allow me to do the work I want to do in the world and stay well. 


I'm also a Master Practitioner in NLP and a hypnotherapist. I bring all of that to my coaching, training and mentoring.

I get first-hand that leadership can be a tough gig. 


And it can be made even tougher by the culture we swim in, 

What we need more than ever are ways to lean into our deep courage and resiliency so we can show up to do the work we want to do in the world AND stay well and be present for our life beyond the job and the people we care about.

That means disrupting some of the messages we have absorbed about busyness and sacrifice. It means being setting a new direction around what leadership can look, sound and feel like. It means getting our vitality, our energy and our life back.

It is 100% reasonable and 100% possible.  And I can help.  

"Sarah's unique style of coaching has enabled me to understand that courageous leadership starts within. I'm more able now to 'show up ' authentically in all aspects of my life. Thanks Sarah for your ongoing support and wisdom.

Nicky.   Business Owner 

Different Ways You Can Work With Me

One on One

Confidential, bespoke one on one coaching sessions so that you can create lasting change

Online Training

Approaches, frameworks and techniques for increasing and leaning into our courage & resiliency


An online group and community space to explore, connect, inspire and thrive.

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