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Leadership coaching for making a difference

Without sacrificing all of your energy, relationships, and joy in the process

I help

hard working, high achieving, deep feeling folk do their leadership work without burning out so that they stay successful in their career and still have energy for life beyond the job too.


Let me guess...


You prefer wellies and bare foot to Loubertins and Blahnik


You do more downward dog than dog eat dog 


You prefer gazing up at the stars than down at a spreadsheet 


You are more likely to pour herbal tea than a cup of ambition (sorry Dolly!) 


You do more social justice dreaming than quick win scheming

​I see you, I hear you and you are in the right place! 
This is how I can help...

I'm Sarah Lea Bishop

And I know firsthand how much of a tough gig leadership can be, especially if we are in it to make a difference and we care a lot.

Taking up space, being visible, speaking up and managing the day to day urgency of our roles can leave us frazzled and tipping into overworking and burnout.  That's no fun for us or anyone around us.


We don't have to walk away from the career we have built in order for things to feel better.

You can have impact and success and also love your life beyond the job with more energy for you and the people you care about.

Sarah Lea Bishop Leadership Coach

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Simple-to-access training to learn and build resiliency  at your own pace


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