Leadership for Hippies and Dreamers


What if there were ways to do our career and our leadership, within the caring and public service sector, without sacrificing our hippy, dreamer souls or becoming unwell? 

Yet for too many of us, that’s the devil’s bargain we’re asked to make.

What we need is a new paradigm: a more courageous model of whole-person leadership.


It's time to disrupt the old ideas of "leadership" and be part of creating something much more nourishing, rooted and human.  Something more creative, magical, imaginative and courageous.

And along the way get much of your muchness back too.




How many of these get a heck yes and a deep sigh?


You prefer wellies to Loubertins, barefoot to Blahniks .....

You would rather gaze up at the stars than down at a spreadsheet ....


You do more downward dog than dog eat dog.......


You are better at dreaming than scheming......

You are more likely to pour a herbal tea than a cup of ambition (sorry Dolly!) .......

I see you, I hear you and you are in the right place!


  Our culture, our organisational bubbles, our systems implicitly demand, normalise and even glorify overworking, sacrifice, busyness, pushing through. Bluster and hustle, loudness and win -win are the models of leadership that we frequently see. Little wonder that we question whether we are cut out for leadership, that we worry we are blending in so much that we are fading away and that we contemplate escaping with our dog, a campervan and the open road.


What if I told you it is entirely possible to do the work you want to do in the word, to stay effective in making a difference, and use your voice all without selling out who you really are or burning out in the struggle. It is possible and I can help.

Does any of this seem familiar to you?

  • You are exhausted and stressed pretty much as a constant.

  • You’ve followed the ‘rules’, worked hard and have reached a position in your career where you are ‘successful’ - and instead of feeling happy and accomplished, you feel empty and brittle.

  • You’ve been doing ‘self-care’ - had the weekend away, downloaded the meditation app, have a calendar full of plans (most of which you cancel) and none of it seems to make a jot of real difference.

  • You've squashed down your quirky, whimsical self so well that you've lost touch with your inner magic and essence and you wonder whether it's an irretrievable loss. 

  • You’ve wondered on more than one occasion if you should leave - that you’re not cut out for this and it’s only a matter of time before you’re found out.


You don’t need to go on this way.  It can be different.

There’s no magic wand you can wave that will change things and no fairy godmother is coming in this story to rescue you. 


But you know how a good quest works. You discover YOU had the power all along.


You can rediscover your muchness, and when we become much muchier, well that's when the magic really happens.


And like in any quest worth its salt,  there is a map, a mirror,  dragons to be slayed and you are not alone.


A Call To Courage

The corporate scene, the career ladder, the 9-5 is not really our natural habitat. 

We are the hippies, the healers, and the dreamers.

We know we carry stardust in our bones and we march to the beat of our own drum. 

We absorbed stories of magic and myth, we love poetry and prose.

We are creative, quirky and multi passionate.

We would have left the job long ago and we frequently consider it when we feel weary with the effort, but our work in this world is about making a difference and we sense that truth that the only way to change the world is to live fully in it.

And oh my right now, the world needs us not to bail out and the world needs us to stay well to do that work.

I’m Sarah Bishop and I’m a leadership coach and mentor for hippies and dreamers who want to do things courageously and differently to bring about change and make a difference in this world.


I’m a current senior leader in education (having led across 5 different settings) , an associate writer on a mental health curriculum, and a NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

I'm trained in other change work, go with the ebb and flow of the seasons and practice Reiki and Reiki drumming.

I learned the hard way what happens when we become so good at blending and camouflaging who we really are that we lose ourselves in the process.  

My work focuses on how we can lean into our courage and resiliency for more of the time so that we get to do the work we want to do in the world, that we have the presence to show up fully and wholly and we enjoy well rounded, healthy lives outside of the job.


"Working with Sarah,  me as a developing practitioner of NLP,  she with her knowledge she guided me to develop courage, she helped me to understand how to become the best version of me.

I really was inspired by her to have clarity of thought, confidence in myself to be able to make some positive change with a focused mind.

If you want to make a change or a difference Sarah will encourage and guide you with a belief that you can and will become what you need to be.

I highly recommend working with this modest but inspirational lady."

Mel.   Head Teacher / Principal 

Change can be scary - but staying where you are is no picnic either. 

You’ve wondered how much longer you can go on this way - and the truth is, not much without it starting to have to major negative impacts on you

(it already is!) 


Courage Calls To Courage

We can become so plugged into work and technology and schedules that we find ourselves disconnected from our body, our wisdom and our true self.

Our best work is done when we are at our most resourceful.  We are most resourceful when we are operating from a strong base of courage and resiliency.  Our courage and resiliency are best maintained and strengthened by real connection, perspective and a living wholly - beyond the job.

When we do start living wholly and with courage -that courage calls to more courage and we give permission for others to do the same. And that can be a beautiful thing.

I work with a limited number of private clients at a time to help you to get to that place of deep rooted courage and ease to show up fully and wholly and lead and work in the way that works for you.

This transformation doesn’t happen overnight (you already know that) so our work together takes place over a few months.


This not only gives you the ongoing, individual support and encouragement to make the mental, cognitive and internal adjustments necessary to start living and leading in a way that works better for you, it means you can embed tools, perspectives and new practices so that you can make a lasting change to your relationship with leadership, work and your place in it and be fully and wholly you.  

" Sarah has a genuine belief in 'doing' leadership differently. There's none of that old school machismo that can sometimes accompany what constitutes a leader. Instead, she has a steady focus, which she pitches perfectly for the situation in front of her, helping people to find their own path and offering a supportive arm along the way. A real, authentic guide for those that want to do things a bit differently. "

Catherine.   Local Government Leader

  This is deep and courageous work. 


I won’t be telling you to take more bubble baths or paying lip service to ‘do more self care’ - the change needs to run deeper than that (and you’ve likely tried those superficial tweaks anyway.)


I’m going to help you to change your approach to, not only leadership, but how you approach your life as a whole. I fully believe that unless we do this, we cannot show up fully as the leaders we’re meant to be - and unless we learn to nourish and support ourselves while we do this, things quickly fall apart again.

So if you're not quite ready to run off into the horizon and you can wait on the campervan,  it’s time to make a decision and stick around to do the deep courageous work you set out to do. 

Because it’s 100% possible to be a nourished, whole, courageous leader in the role you’re in now.

Because it's 100% reasonable to want to live a full, rounded and courageous life outside of the job.

Because it's 100% needed for our communities to know compassionate and courageous leaders

If you’re ready to make a change, let’s have a chat to see how I can help you.

Ready?  Fantastic!

Click on this button and you’ll be taken to straight to my email to book a time for a quick chat – this is just to see if you’re a good fit for the program and to answer any final questions you might have.


There's no commitment or expectation that clicking the button commits you to anything other than making sure this is a great move for you. 

Some of us also do a colourful kaleidoscope of mismatching gifts and tricksiness that we have learned to brilliantly hide or get around. And much of that hiding and masking has served us well and led to some of that career success.

On the other had it's also likely to have leaked out in periods of illness, burnout and depression.

We can do things like lead with competency at work yet be unable to manage basic life skills.  We can easily see creative solutions to a complex problem yet mix up simple meeting and appointment times. We can have an amazing long term memory for details that interest us yet have the working memory of a fruit fly. 

We work hard to be swan like, yet paddling like billy-o, burning the midnight oil and doing constant fight or flight beneath the surface.  We can have shutdowns and meltdowns at home that are completely at odds with how we present in the work place. And we've had it our entire lives.


Depending on the environment that can all be a source of frustration, shame and fear of being found out.


That's never a good place to operate from and if that's where you are, please know I see you, I get it, I have lived it and I can help.  Reach out and get in touch.

“I'm an experienced leader. I've been working with Sarah for 18 months now and what she has helped me do is really transform my leadership practice”

Denise.  Experienced Leader

“Working with Sarah,  it has been my first year of leadership and she has really helped me find my voice”

Nicole.  Emerging Leader