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Change work & Coaching for leaders, coaches, healers

Working with the conscious and the unconscious, the somatic, and the beyond logic.
So can connect with your own intelligence, curiosity, truth and capacity for transformation that ripples outwards.

You are not a boiler on the blink

You are not a boiler on the blink to be fixed.  We don't need to pathologise or make a problem out of what are very human responses to living and working in a very human world.

You are already phenomenally gifted and hard wired for curiosity, creativity, possibility and transformation. I put you back in touch with what is already there and what you already know to be true for you.

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Let me guess...


You prefer wellies and bare foot to Loubertins and Blahnik


You do more downward dog than dog eat dog 


You prefer gazing up at the stars than down at a spreadsheet 


You are more likely to pour herbal tea than a cup of ambition (sorry Dolly!) 


You do more social justice dreaming than quick win scheming

​I see you, I hear you and you are in the right place! 
This is how I can help...

I'm Sarah Lea Bishop

Working with the conscious and the unconscious, the somatic and the beyond logic is not counselling or your standard life coaching.

Much of our resistance and stuckness are responses to stuff we have running out of conscious awareness.  We are so much less thinking brain and logical than we like to think.

What's also true is we are phenomenally gifted as humans for following our own deep intelligence, curiosity, creativity, possibility and for generating powerful transformation.  We are hard wired for this.

When we generate really aligned change, it ripples outwards. Across our own life, family, friends, communities and across time itself.  Mind blowing stuff.  The Doctor (Who!) was right - time really is wibbly, wobbly stuff.

Being proactive and brave about seeking exquisite support is so important when we work with and help others.  You know too that the world needs more of us who give a schizzle to be doing well.

If this resonates for you, reach out and chat with me. 

If it's a human thing you're struggling with I can probably help.

Sarah Lea Bishop Leadership Coach

One to one


Confidential, bespoke one on one coaching sessions so that you can create lasting change


Online Training


Simple-to-access training to learn and build resiliency  at your own pace


Take the Quiz


You know like the ones we took as teenagers back in the day.

With curiosity and lightness.

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