I'm Sarah

I’m a leadership coach and mentor who specializes in leadership for hardworking, high achieving, deep feeling folk who are driven towards big goals.  I teach and help folk how to stay in action and have impact without burning out or burning down their relationships and life beyond the job.

Leadership can be about bringing our whole human self to the role, not some corporate icky notion of power. We can lead and have success in our career and at the same time enjoy our life beyond the job, having time and energy for us and the people we care about

Having impact in the role does not  require you to sacrifice all of your health, energy and life force.

What we need is a new paradigm: a courageous model of whole-person leadership.

I work with folk who know that now more than ever we need the courage to redefine how we do leadership in a way that works, that allows us to make a difference in this world without having to sacrifice our non corporate souls and to lead and live in a way where we stay well and whole

Sarah Lea Bishop online leadership coach
Sarah Lea Bishop holds a Harry Potter book

It’s time to disrupt the old ideas of ‘leadership’ and be part of creating something more courageous, nourishing - and human. 

Here's what I want you to know with fierce love and solidarity

Sacrificing living your life fully for the work that you do isn't commitment or dedication or even part of the job.

Leadership is not a job title that someone gives us, it's a choice about how we show up in every area of our life.

Being vulnerable and able to acknowledge when it's a tough gig is not weakness, it is human and it is needed.


About Sarah Lea Bishop

When we find ways to live and breathe our own truth we can redefine leadership.

It becomes much less about saying yes to everything and more about discernment so we can choose what we unapologetically say no to and where we wholeheartedly put our yeses.  

It becomes less about striving for perfection and being strong and more about showing up as we truly are so we can become really comfortable in our own skin with no need to put on a mask.


We need a rethink of leadership.


One where we shift the narrative from hustle to compassion,  from bluster to integrity, from perfection to humanity.  We need courage, we need truth and we need to do our work letting our star filled souls shine.

What I Say Yes To

Being real, showing up fully, imperfection, imagination, creativity, speaking our truth, honouring boundaries, being comfortable in our own skin, diversity of leadership, vulnerability, empathy, humanity, stewardship, ebb and flow, whole person, being more than the job title on our lanyard, changing the narrative, calling out the patriarchy, veganism, learning,  courage calling to courage.

What I'm Not About

Elbows out,  pretending to have all the answers, martyrdom, self sacrifice, take-take mentality, designer labels,  quick fix, hustle, one size fits all, bluster, inequality, hardness, perfection, self styled gurus, ecocide, the cult of busyness, burn out, defining our worth by what we produce or our outcomes at work.

We need a rethink of leadership, Sarah Lea Bishop

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