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I'm Sarah

I’m a coach, mentor, hypnotherapist, leader.

I'm best friend to Mabel, a Cavalier King Charles bundle of mischief.

I am a champion of us doing human and being really ok with that. Really.

I work in a way that encompasses our nervous system, our conscious and our unconscious, the systemic and the beyond logic.  I get you back in touch with your own intelligence, truth and capacity for transformation. 

I am a hypnotherapist, a Master Practitioner in NLP.  I'm trained in IEM therapy, Old Pain 2 Go and Brain Bargaining (the Blake Methodology) Reiki and Reiki Drumming.

I'm also a current leader in a UK school - I do real life!

What we need is a new paradigm: where caring and big success are not either / or

When we work with, lead, coach, and help other humans we can get to a place where we feel depleted, overwhelmed, exhausted, disconnected, stuck. All of that can sneak up on us.

Sarah Lea Bishop online leadership coach
Sarah Lea Bishop holds a Harry Potter book

We can suddenly find we are carrying a heavy emotional load that we forgot to put down.

We can suddenly notice that we are struggling to take time away or switch off. 

We can suddenly realise that we feel conflicted about creating big success when we know there is such poverty and need.

We can suddenly discover we lost our energy and a life beyond the work.

When any or all of that is sneaking up on us we can find without intending to that we are rescuing and in the sphere of sacrifice rather than support.  Where we start to sacrifice our health, our mental peace, our enjoyment of life and our wealth (both financial and time)  With fierce love and solidarity, that's not a place we want to stay in. 

By working with the conscious and the unconscious you are able to get back to being more in congruence, back to operating from a place of curiosity and possibility, and that means getting  back to generating and enjoying success by your own measure.


About Sarah Lea Bishop

When you have bigger success your way, you create bigger ripples...

It becomes much less about saying yes to everything and more about discernment so we can choose what we unapologetically say no to and where we wholeheartedly put our yeses.  

It becomes less about striving for perfection and being strong and more about showing up as we truly are so we can become really comfortable in our own skin with no need to put on a mask. Which creates deep connections and allows others around us to do the same.

We become more in congruence and that naturally leads to greater success, impact and results that ripple outwards.

About: Services

I'm OK and You're OK


None of us need rescuing. We all need to be exquisitely rooted in self trust. We are damn good at what we do and we can enjoy the fruits of that. We can have success and we can be of service.

What I Say Yes To

Human, Dumbledore's Army, Being comfortable with not having it together all of the time, Unshaming, Doc Martens, Veganism, Magic,  Deep conversations, Social Justice, Blankets,  Hot Chocolate, Books, Marmite.

What I'm Not About

Cybermen, Death Eaters, Pretending to have all the answers, Fixing and Rescuing, Wet socks,  I'm Alright Jack, Putting the milk in with the tea bag, Weird smells.

What I'm trained in and bring to my 1:1 work

Trauma and nervous system informed approaches

Hypnotherapy including indirect conversational hypnosis

NLP Master Practitioner

IEM therapy

Old Pain 2 Go and Brain Bargaining (The Blake methodology)

Neurodivergent friendly approaches

Leadership frameworks including school headship (NPQH)

We need a rethink of leadership, Sarah Lea Bishop

Private Coaching


Confidential, bespoke one on one coaching sessions so that you can create lasting change


Online Training


Simple-to-access training to learn and build resiliency  at your own pace


Take the Quiz


What if I told you there was a way to start really stepping into our own magic and muchness? 

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