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Join us round the campfire

Life can throw us some curve balls at the best of times.  Add to that a pandemic, upheaval and uncertainty and we reach a crossroads where we either live at cause with the world or we live at effect.  We choose what's important to us, we find joy where we can and we step into the leadership of our own lives. 


We are living in times where being able to lean into courage, draw on resiliency and trust our inner voice of wisdom are the keys to navigating out of stress and anxiety and into calm, courage and resourcefulness for more of the time. 

We also know that we are hard wired for connection.  We are designed to be in community.  In the end we are all just walking each other home.

My free Facebook group The Courage and Resiliency Connection is an invitation to draw up a comfy seat.  Get a drink.  Settle in. This is a space for exploration, support and conversations around how we can do courage and resiliency in these times so that we get to stay well, lead our lives, do our work and show up with integrity, wholeness and humanity.

In the community, you'll find...


Regular posts around courage, leadership, resilience and staying resourceful without the fake, happy happy, shiny, shiny nonsense.

A space for conversation, support, inspiration and ideas.

A no- spam, no hustle zone. 

An antidote to some of the less helpful stuff that can flood our social media feeds.

A space to connect with kindred spirits and stay out of isolation and in community.

You're in! Check your inbox for the next steps

The campfire community is free

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