Courage & Muchness


A one-on-one 6-month bespoke program,  designed to help you lean into your courage, get back your muchness and redefine your relationship to your work and leadership 

Redefining the Leadership journey with a call to courage and love

I work with a limited number of private clients at a time to help you get back to that place of deep rooted courage, energy and wholeness. Back to a place of doing the work you want to do in the world without sacrificing your energy and life force, so that you get to effectively make a difference without selling out your hippy, dreamer soul and in a way where you stay well.


This transformation doesn’t happen overnight (you already know that) so our work together takes place over a few months.


This not only gives you the ongoing, individual support and encouragement to make the mental, cognitive and internal adjustments necessary to start living and leading in a way that works better for you, it means you can embed tools, perspectives and new practices so that you can make a lasting change to your relationship with leadership, work and your place in it.


The particulars and the logistics


Twice monthly one on one coaching and mentoring sessions so that you have the ongoing support and input necessary to make significant, lasting changes.


After each session there may be takeaways, additional resources and exercises to help embed the work that we’ve done.


These will incorporate mentoring, NLP change work, hypnotherapy but more than anything they will give you the time, space and support you need to restore your sense of self and nourish your soul.


You’ll receive recordings of calls...So that you can refer back to them (this is especially useful when we’re doing change work like hypnotherapy and NLP) 


All our meetings take place via Zoom (a secure, online video call) so that we are not limited by geography, the great British weather, or finding parking spaces.  


The sessions are entirely your agenda. This work is very different to anything you’ve likely done through your workplace - you set the agenda and the sessions are entirely confidential.

What other people have said

If you want to make a change or a difference Sarah will encourage and guide you with a belief that you can and will become what you need to be.

I highly recommend working with this modest but inspirational lady.

Mel.   Head Teacher / Principal 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Ready? Fantastic!

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There's no commitment or expectation that clicking the button commits you to anything other than making sure this is a great move for you.