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One to One Coaching


One to one private coaching and change work sessions.

Working with the conscious and unconscious, the somatic and the beyond logic.

When we generate really coherent change and lean more into our own truth and measure of success we create a sense of self trust and freedom that ripples outwards.

We are beyond powerful in our capacity for change

I work with a limited number of private clients at a time, usually online using Zoom.

The work we do together is with the conscious, the unconscious, the somatic and the the beyond logic.

My approach recognises you already have within you a phenomenal capacity for following your own deep intelligence, curiosity, creativity, possibility and for generating powerful transformation.  I work in a nervous system and trauma informed way that includes consent, context, choice and consent.

We were never designed to have it all together all of the time. It's thinking we are that does us in. 


And full disclaimer, I love doing this work, I get told I'm pretty damn good at it and I also have times where everything I know goes out of the window and I'm a messy heap of a human.  If you want a coach that never happens to (or pretends that never happens) I'm not for you. And that's OK.

Our sessions are private, confidential and bespoke to you and whatever you bring. This is not a hierarchical relationship where I am fixing you, giving you the answer, dispensing coaching TO you. This is a space and time we both show up to with curiosity and a willingness to follow your truth and wisdom.  I don't know in advance exactly what we'll do or if I'll use this technique or that approach.  I don't know in advance exactly where our session will lead. I do know that when we get together and create this space and I help you access your own best wisdom, intelligence, conscious and unconscious amazing alchemy can happen that's transformational.

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What if change can happen quickly and easily for you?  Really.


What I wish more people knew is that change can happen quickly and easily.

And it can be life changing.

What I wish more people knew is that befriending our unconscious mind is something available to everyone.

And it can be life changing.

What I wish more people knew is that we have neuroplasticity, flexibility, and we can reteach our nervous system.

And it can be life changing.

Effective, long lasting change is something that can happen for us quickly and easily. And when it's coherent and aligned with our truest measure of success it ripples out in beautiful ways.


The particulars and the logistics


 Often one session is enough to make significant, lasting change. You can book more if you want. 


The current investment is £80

I also offer a gentle 2023 price  £43 

I trust you to go with which is right for you and there's no need to explain. I show up the same either way.


My sessions incorporate coaching, mentoring, NLP,  change work, hypnotherapy. This means you get bespoke support, not one size fits all.


I work in a nervous system and trauma informed way. Part of my work is helping you create even more safety on the inside. We create together a space to be present and curious.


All our meetings take place via Zoom (a secure, online video call) so that we are not limited by geography, the great British weather, or finding parking spaces.  


The sessions are entirely your agenda. This work is very different to anything you’ve likely done through your workplace - you set the agenda and the sessions are entirely confidential.

What other people have said

If you want to make a change or a difference Sarah will encourage and guide you with a belief that you can and will become what you need to be.

I highly recommend working with this modest but inspirational lady.

Mel.   Head Teacher / Principal 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Ready? Fantastic!

Click below you’ll be taken to straight to my calendar to book a time that suits you for your session. 

 That booking will ask you to consider some questions designed to help you get clear on what's going on for you now.  That may change as we get going on the call.  You can do those questions or just turn up on the call.  That's ok. You do you.  

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