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How I can help you

I’m a coach, hypnotherapist, leader and mentor. I work with the conscious and unconscious, the somatic and the beyond logic. This is not your standard life coaching.  Much of the resistance and stuckness we experience is rooted in what's going on out of conscious awareness. We are less logical and thinking brain led than we imagine! 

I do private 1:1 sessions online that blend a bespoke approach to whatever you bring. I put you back in touch with your own capacity for curiosity, creativity, possibility, resourcefulness and change.  All of that is done in a nervous system informed way with context, consent and choice.

Some examples of my work with clients are helping them with anxiety, lack of energy, feeling stuck with decision making, work life balance, confidence, fears, overthinking and overworking, inner conflict, inter-personal, showing up and taking up space. 

If you have something going on for you because you are being a human in a messy human world I can probably help. 

I also offer a more leadership based supervision coaching session for leaders and education based staff.


Work With Sarah

Private Coaching


Confidential, bespoke one on one coaching sessions so that you can create lasting change


Online Training


Simple-to-access training to learn and build resiliency  at your own pace


Take the Quiz


What if I told you there was a way to start really stepping into our own magic and muchness? 

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