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Hi there, I'm Sarah.


I’m a leadership coach and mentor who specializes in helping leaders step out of martyrdom and into an empowered, courageous, and altogether more rounded way to lead.

Because being a leader shouldn’t require you to sacrifice all of your health, energy and life force

I live with my four legged friend Mabel on the NW coast of England where we live in a house full of books, tea, candles, blankets and plants. 


It’s time to disrupt the old ideas of ‘leadership’ and be part of creating something more equitable, nourishing - and human. 

I'm a current leader within education, so all of my conversations and coaching are rooted in the messy, real and imperfect.

Now more than ever we need to be in connection, in community, leaning into our courage and resiliency so that we get to show up fully and change the paradigm of what leadership in these times mean.

We are all leaders.  We are all needed.  We are all imperfect and enough. And we need to find our own best way of making sense of that.

That's what my podcast is all about.

If my work and approach resonates and you're interested in being a guest and joining me in conversation please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.







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